The hegemony of crime and the responsibility to protect

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I. Summary

  1. Armed gangs rule the Republic: massacres; rapes; kidnappings; torture; displacement; storming of police stations and police posts. Benefiting from funding, other means and the silence of the Jovenel Moïse administration, the predominance of the G9 gangs in fanmi e alye (family and allies) is affirmed, while the Haitian National Police, whose mission is to protect life and property, is powerless and subsequently becomes their target.
  2. Approximately 10,000 displaced persons are listed for the first half of June (from the 1st to the 15th) in the metropolitan area, with nearly 2,000 from the Martissant clashes, including 507 boys, 582 girls, 426 minors, and 50 infants, who were housed in the Carrefour sports center. Sixty thousand (60,000) people are in need of humanitarian assistance in Martissant and the lower part of Delmas.
  3. Kidnapping, followed by torture and rape, is taking on an imposing proportion, violating the dignity of citizens and plunging them into abject poverty, with hundreds of thousands of American dollars being imposed as ransom. About twenty mass kidnappings were perpetrated, mainly by the 400 Mawozo gang in the second half of May (about fifty kidnapped).
  4. From January to date, at least 231 kidnappings have been recorded, including 14 foreign nationals. As noted in the CARDH bulletins, these figures are not exhaustive. They serve as indicators of whether the phenomenon is increasing or decreasing.
  5. Being complicit in this state of affairs, the Jovenel Moïse administration is failing to fulfill its human rights obligations (respect, protect and implement), and is therefore responsible for it. Furthermore, the mission assigned to international cooperation (United Nations Charter) and its presence for the past 27 years in Haiti, leads CARDH to hold it accountable to its moral responsibility if the necessary measures are not taken.
  6. To defuse this time bomb, any political agreement must be based on an effective disarmament policy, which is a prerequisite for democratic elections.
  7. The authority of the state must be re-established. Civil society actors (private sector, human rights organizations, community-based organizations, schools, churches, etc.) also have a role to play.

Le G9 exhibant ses armes et machettes, annonçant qu’il va s’en prendre aux organisations de droits humains et à ses opposants
Le commissariat de portail Saint Joseph (Centre-ville), détruit par le gang Krache Dife (au moins trois policiers y ont été calcinés)
Le chef de gang Izo 5 secondes menaçant les journalistes, opposant politiques et militant de droits humains de les kidnapper.

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Reportage spécial du journaliste Jhony Ferdinand( Radio Caraïbes)

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