The population is dying !!!The civil and political society is fighting for power post-Jovenel Moïse, the government clings to it

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After the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse on July 7, causing an unprecedented crisis in the contemporary history of Haiti (dysfunction of Parliament, of the Justice and of the Executive), the civil and political society is caught up in a power struggle.

Each group, by its approach and even by its “ideology”, pretends to be able to better resolve the political crisis. Which of them is determined to truly tackle the evils facing the country today?

  • Gangs control on average 60% of the territory and are getting stronger, while the morale and operational level of the police is the lowest (failure of “elite” operations): Strategic alliances, cessation of fighting, territorial conquest, sophisticated weapons, enormous financial means, mass indoctrination process …
    • Haiti has become the country with the highest kidnapping rate per capita in the world (The Washington Post): 828 kidnappings are recorded from January 1 to October 16, 2021, including 54 foreigners from four countries.
    • For months, the fuel shortage has caused social dysfunction: announced closure of hospitals and media; transport, trade… largely affected.
    • Since the assassination of the president, the prices of consumer products have risen by an average of 20%, complicating the situation of the most vulnerable.
    • A real manhunt against Haitians taking unthinkable risks to reach the American border in particular (rape, disease, animal attacks in the forests …). From September 19 to October 19, 10,831 were repatriated, including 7,915 from the United States of America. From May to September, 170,936 from the Dominican Republic.
    • There is a denial of the right to education in vulnerable areas. School premises are transformed into bases of bandits wanting to recruit children (5 years old).

This report develops this bleak picture so that actors understand the urgency of resolving the socio-economic crisis, including kidnapping and the fuel shortage that will lead to mass killings.