Kidnapping, Newsletter July, August and September 2022 (#9), Decrease of kidnappings

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For the third quarter of the year 2022, the Crime Observation Unit (COC) of the Center for Analysis and Research in Human Rights (CARDH) recorded 204 kidnappings compared to 326 for the second quarter, a decrease of 37.42%. Three collective kidnappings were recorded compared to 15 in the previous quarter.

One hundred and three (103) abductions were recorded for the month of July, compared to 56 for the month of August, a decrease of 45.63%, and 45 for the month of September, a decrease of 56.31%.

Seventeen (17) foreigners were abducted in the third quarter compared to 36 in the previous quarter, a decrease of 52.77%, bringing the total to 61 for the three quarters compared to 53 for the last year. It should be recalled that diplomatic and international missions had adopted measures to protect their nationals after the wave of kidnappings in the second quarter: reduction of staff and closure of certain services; high-end bulletproof cars, travel in convoys, etc.