Murder at an exponential rate of police officers and insecurity in Haiti only an adequate international force can help stop the reign of gangs and protect citizens/

La une Monitoring Rapports d'enquêtes


Haiti experienced a day of anger on January 26, 2023 in response to the killing of six police officers by Savien ‘s gang in Liancourt the day before (January 25): barricades and burning tires in the streets, Toussaint Louverture International Airport has been besieged, the Prime Minister who was returning from the 7th summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) would have been the target, his residence was also attacked…

We must get out of the rhetoric of conferences, special Superior Council of the National Police (CSPN), promises from the government and international partners, operations « Dragons »,  » Boukle Pòtoprens « ,  » Terminators « , « Tornado »… to adopt urgent proportional measures, in particular an international force adapted to help the police with this « hemorrhage », otherwise the victims will soon be thrown into oblivion like those of Village-de-Dieu and other tragedies will occur.

Thus, it is important to recall these spectacular cases that have almost fallen into oblivion: on March 12, 2021, five police officers were murdered in Village-de-Dieu; between June 5 and 6, 2021, eight others murdered in Cité Soleil and downtown ; on January 19, 2022, Jean Ismay Auguste, police commissioner, and his wife, Clodilde Vilus , murdered in Croix-des-Bouquets; on July 24, 2022, police inspector Réginald Laleau assassinated inside the Assembly of God church in Meyer (Croix-des-Bouquets); on November 25, 2022 the director of the national police academy, divisional commissioner Harington Rigaud, shot dead in Frères (Pétion-Ville); January 20, 2023, in Métivier, three police officers murdered and one missing.

The murder of police officers on an annual basis has increased considerably: fourteen in 2018; 37 in 2019; 29 in 2020; 31 in 2021; 54 in 2022.

We must hold accountable those who have armed vulnerable people. We must also hold the Anti-Corruption Fighting Unit (ULCC), the Central Financial Intelligence Unit (UCREF), the Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Litigation (CSCCA) and the prosecution on the 1.2 million USD disbursed by the administration of former Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe for the purchase of equipment to fight against kidnapping and insecurity.

International cooperation must really invest in the police. Its contribution to the execution of the 2017/2021 Strategic Plan) was: 14.92% for the first year; 4.24% for the second; 6.42% for the third; 9.45% for the fourth.

It’s time to have a police force with dissuasive means. Security is first and foremost a question of means and not of postures, as the French President, Emmanuel Macron, has clarified (presidential debate, April 20, 2022).